The story of this woman also brings out a lesson to everyone. This woman had given her clothes to a friend to wear for an occasion. The friend later returned the cloth washed. She innocently put the cloth on for another occasion unsuspectingly that the friend may have done something to the clothing. As soon as she wore the clothes she started to bleed even though it was not the time of the month for her menstruation. The blood flow never stopped from that day onwards. Her husband took her from one hospital to another hospital with no cure. In the fourth year of her affliction, her husband could not handle the problem anymore. Not only did she have the blood flowing but she also stunk from the smell. The man had exhausted all his resources o her problem and finally he gave a divorce certificate to leave his home.

A year later she was invited to the Holy Ghost Fire crusade conducted by Apostle Dammy Owen by a friend. In the midst of the congregation while Apostle Dammy was praying for everyone who needed healing, she felt something moving around in her body and then to her surprise, she saw a small crab come out of her private part. She ran to the altar screaming;” I have been healed” She was allowed to give her testimony and from that moment she received her healing and the blood flow stopped. Glory be to GOD! – Lagos, Nigeria