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it-is-writtenIt Is Written…: Your Spiritual Sword and Shield (Scripture verse reference guide for effective prayers) Paperback – 2009

by Dammy L.Owen & Olabisi Owen  (Authors)

This book contains scripture verses arranged as a reference guide for every believer to use for effective praying!!! It is a reference guide to help every believer allocate the right scriptures to attack the enemy or claim victory in every situation. Using the Words of God in prayer, instead of your own words will attain you victory without much struggle.

earnets-prayersEarnest Prayers and Yet No Miracle (Effective Prayers)

by Dammy L. Owen  (Author)

Obtaining the understanding and knowledge why after putting so much effort into praying and fasting; yet there is no miracle in sight. There are reasons behind this and this book helps to bring that understanding and revelation to light.


fill-the-houseFill the House; Take Your Miracle to Perfection (Spiritual Growth) Paperback – 2009

by Dammy L. Owen  (Author)

The word of God says that when an evil spirit leaves the human body, it roams about for a while. Finding no abode, it attempts to come back to its old house. If it finds the house empty, it will re-enter; with seven worse demons.



by Dammy L.Owen & Olabisi Owen (Authors)

Precise, Prophetic & Divine Instruction from the Almighty God.
40 Days Prayers Handbook
Plus Seven Days of Righteous works
This is for anyone who has been through Fire and the Storm and desires to step into a New Season and a New Beginning. Activate your Faith and Take Action now!!!
Obey God and Reap the Fruits


fire-prayers-coverFire Prayers (Coming Soon)

by Dammy L.Owen & Olabisi Owen  (Authors)

Targeted Strategic Prayer points and Prophetic Prayer direction that is guaranteed to work in many situations. There are prayer points for every situation that man is going through. The right scripture to use as a sword is included. It is suggested to get the copy of “it is written” for a very effective warfare or battle.



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