prayer-club2Wouldn’t it be great if God would just physically appear before us and sit and talk to us face to face? God really does come spiritually and meet with us during prayers. However, we all can use some help to take our prayer zeal and intensity up a notch.

What Greater Joy is there than to experience Prayers that bring you peace especially when you know that you have achieved your purpose.

The Fire Prayer Club is a place for the children of God who desire to be constantly praying effective firry prayers that will generate real results. It is also a place to learn to pray effectively, to grow, and be encouraged.

Many of us have experienced the power of prayer in our lives and we’ve often been astounded at God’s response to our requests.  The brilliant, creative energy of prayer lives in each of us.  Prayer can truly heal – the body, the soul and even the world and it can change any situation.

As a member of The Fire Prayer Club, your voice will join with many others in a beautiful conversation with God every week with the guidance of The prayer video sent with leaders praying and leading the prayers for 30 mins every week.  You can use this video guide for your own prayers or simply pray along with it now.

You are encouraged to purchase the book, “Fire Prayers” and ‘It is Written”. It would be such a blessing to you and your family to have this resource right at your fingertips! It will be helpful to use during the prayers!

When you join The Fire Prayer Club, you’ll receive a monthly letter illustrating the mighty power of prayer, along with steps to improve your prayer life.  In addition, you’ll also receive a special member only

  • Prayer Request form to share your own special prayer needs.
  • A book with prayer points bi-monthly to keep or share with others.
  • The Fire Prayer Club News, sent every other month is filled with prayer devotions, tips, testimonies and much more

To join, we ask you to pledge $5 monthly or $60 yearly or more to support the Prayer Club Outreach team and the technology used in delivering it in your mailbox weekly.  When you join the Fire Prayer Club, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are praying effective and effectual prayers weekly.  The power to heal is within you at this very moment. Share it and you can change the world.

To join The Prayer Power Club, click here.


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