Whqdefault-7orld Evangelism and Outreach Ministries has not been called to be a Local church and Apostle Dammy Owen has not been called to be a local church Pastor as God told him to leave the local church he founded in Nigeria in 2006. Since then, he has been travelling from church to church and from City to City as the Lord would lead him. It is the Lord who opens the doors and he only can connect hearts and souls together in unity to accomplish His work.


WEOMI however, has the mandate to be a covering Church arm for many churches as God has ordained and such Churches receive a confirmation of this from the Lord under the umbrella of Christ Reign International Churches (C.R.I.C.)

In this mission to set people free from their bondages and set the captives free, we cannot do it alone. It is a task that needs the cooperation of the local church Pastors, Ministers Evangelists in the body of Christ. We need Ministries who would partner with us so that we can fulfil our God-given assignment in the healing and Deliverance department, within and around their local churches. Many Pastors cannot conduct deliverance at the level of anointing that we have been graced with so we humbly ask that these ministries do [partner with us so that we can be an arm of help for these specific tasks and ministries.

We have worked with many local churches, conducted church revivals and vigils even without any financial gratification from the local church authorities but our joy was to just to come in and set people loose from their bondages so that their hope in Christ may be renewed again.

We humbly ask that the Local Churches and Ministries prayer seek God’s guidance in connecting with us and for us to serve alongside them in Ministry.weomi logo web1