prayers-1A 47 year old man had a very strange experience. He came back from work on this special day and 20 minutes later he fell asleep. He screamed out of his sleep and from that moment, he realized that he could not move his left leg and arm. The condition worsened and soon to his horror, he realized he also could not move the second arm too. The family took the man to consult many physicians but none could produce any healing for his condition. Finally, he heard of an open air Crusade organized by Pastor Clement Olatunji Akinyosoye, in Egbe Lagos. He came walking with walking sticks and the help of people and his family who supported him to move around. By this time, he had had the stroke now for several years after the day of the incident. He received his liberty when Apostle Dammy through the power of the Holy Ghost laid hands on him and after a word of knowledge. He immediately fell under the anointing. When he got up he was able to move both arm and leg freely. he began to walk around joyously to the uproar of the crowd. There was much rejoicing on that day!  – Lagos, Nigeria