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We are delighted that you are visiting our website. This is World Evangelism and Outreach Ministries Inc., a Healing, Salvation Empowerment, and Deliverance Ministry. Please take some time to go through our site and read through all that God is doing in our midst.

Transformation Fire Center

We hold Healing and Deliverance Transformation centers in various locations for special deliverance cases that cannot be tackled at the crusade grounds. Many people have visited these centers for their Breakthroughs, Deliverance and Healing. You are encouraged to join us and come see the power of God at work in your life. Contact us for any special situation that needs urgent attention.

On Demand Media

Watch and pray along with the on-demand Prayer Video either through the Fire Prayer Club or through the Ministry WEOMITV Channels on YouTube. We are also on Roku or Roku TV, or public Cable TV.

Fire Crusades and Revivals


This Ministry has been ordained by God to set the captives free and empower the body of Christ. We hold Crusades and Church Revivals from City to City and from Country to Country. Please visit one of our Crusades in a city near you. You are very Invited. Read testimonies of those whom God has delivered and healed.

Be a Divine Partner

Make a Covenant with God and be used by God to divinely change the lives of many. Join our efforts in reaching every child of God under bondage. Sow your seed of commitment and support the purpose of God on earth thereby promoting the Kingdom of God.

Fire Prayer Club

Do you desire to pray hot effective prayers that will destroy the dominion of the enemy in your life and that of your family then join the Fire Prayer Club? This is a weekly prayer club where you receive a video prayer guide to follow and pray with like a devotional.

Understanding Effective Deliverance

There are many resources and training available to you to help you to understand deliverance and the strategies of the enemy. Visit our resource page and the store for appropriate materials.

Woman delivered from arrow attack while asleep on her eye.

 This woman was healed of a tumor in her eyes by the power of the Holy Ghost during a crusade. She said she had seen an arrow shot at her in her sleep and since then her eyes had grown and grown to the point that it was so swollen that she could not see anymore in one...

Deliverance from 3 years Pregnancy

 A  woman during a Crusade was delivered from an attack on her pregnancy. She had been pregnant for three years with no one able to help her deliver the child without it affecting her life. A crusade was held at Ikotun Lagos, Nigeria by  WEOMI Ministry and she came to...

A Dead Boy of Muslim Parents Comes Back To Life!

A Crusade Revival held at Christ Apostle Redeemed Church, 5&6 Ramonu Bello street, Iyana Isheri, Lagos, organized by senior pastor, Pastor Adenuba. During the Revival, the Lord worked a unique wonder in His miraculous power through unbelievers for His Glory. The...

Cancer of Leg Cured

 A woman with cancer in her leg was brought and admitted into the WEOMI  Fire Transformation Clinic in Lagos. The leg was swollen, darkened and had deteriorated from the disease. She had been suffering from this affliction for three and a half years. She had tried...

 Woman Healed of Kidney Stones and Damaged Liver

A woman had severe pains in her stomach (her right side kidney) Her husband is a Medical Doctor and got her admitted immediately into the hospital. After some time, her husband seeing that she was not getting better and was not responding to any medication began to...

Kidney Disease of Three Years Healed

This young man had kidney problem and he could not walk for three year. He was brought from Efuru, in Warri, Nigeria. He was admitted into the General Hospital there but no help as he could not afford the medical operation. Friends and family brought him to the WEOMI...

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Healed

A believer with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure who got tired of living permanently on medication came to the Holy Ghost fire Crusade organized by WEOMI in South Africa. She got healed got healed during the church crusade in Christian day Church, Johannesburg when...

Demonic Blockages Removed for Progress in Life

I would like to give this testimony to the Glory of Almighty God. I had been believing God for a new job and accommodation after moving from one state to another. I was privileged to meet Apostle Dammy when he visited our church in Miami. He gave me a three-day prayer...

Deaf and Dumb for 23 years Receives Healing

During the Christmas season, this young man at the age of 4 years visited his father in the village. On the first night, while sleeping, he screamed out in his sleep. He could not utter a word nor could he hear anything said. Since then he could no longer hear or...

Woman with 5 years Issue of Blood Healed

The story of this woman also brings out a lesson to everyone. This woman had given her clothes to a friend to wear for an occasion. The friend later returned the cloth washed. She innocently put the cloth on for another occasion unsuspectingly that the friend may have...

Delivered from Marine Spirit Afflictions

I suffered from attacks from severe marine spirits in the form of spiritual husbands, having sex in dreams, not been able to get married physically, constant spiritual attacks in my dream etc. Much of the attack also came from my family; covenants and demonic...

Delivered from the Spirit of Stroke

A 47 year old man had a very strange experience. He came back from work on this special day and 20 minutes later he fell asleep. He screamed out of his sleep and from that moment, he realized that he could not move his left leg and arm. The condition worsened and soon...


God has done great and Mighty things in the Life of His people. Read The Testimonies….

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